LI JAPAN deals in cars you trust , we continue to create the next standard aiming to be an infrastructure of the used car exporting industry. We are always constructively considering new systems and forms of used car exporting business to collect and provide the latest information according to needs of customers.

We promptly and precisely find vehicles according to customers’ requests and provide high-quality services to customers using our own system and network. We are able to realize quality that satisfies our customers through detailed inspections such as inspection before loading shipments conducted by our staff members to countermeasure negative concepts people may have toward used cars.

LI JAPAN  was established in 1998 However, the most important turning point arrived in the first half of 2003. Earlier than any other company in the trade, we were convinced that the used car export market will expand in the future. Thus, we withdrew from the business of selling used cars in Japan, which was already in a saturated state and reinforced the used car exporting business by shifting our sales to foreign customers.

In addition, we offer detailed communication and attendance when visiting Japan for our customers as well as visits to sites outside Japan to have closer relationship with customers since building good relationship with our customers is of utmost importance to us.

LI JAPAN is the official member of 100+ auction houses in Japan . we can source the best quality with cheapest prices from all the auction houses .

if in case customers do not find their desire unit we provide them a direct access to these auction houses in order to find the best for them . .

ADDRESS : Dia-Palace Grandage Shonan Hiratsuka 509 Takahamadai 30-3 Hiratsuka-City Kanagawa-ken JAPAN (254-0805)

TEL : +81-463-20-5650

FAX : +81-463-20-6551


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  • Dia-Palace Grandage Shonan Hiratsuka 509 Takahamadai 30-3 Hiratsuka-City Kanagawa-ken JAPAN (254-0805)
  • +81-463-20-5650
  • +81-463-20-6551

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